Ms. Jenny Ramirez, a PhD student in our team, won the “2018 Teacher Program Award for Excellence in Academic Leadership” at Univ. of Colorado Boulder. Congratulations Jenny. A wonderful and well-deserved honor.


Mr. Zachary Bullock (PhD student in our team) presented his research (performance-based approach to estimating settlement and tilt of structures on liquefiable soils) at GNS in New Zealand (February 2018)

Dr. Juan Olarte (a member of our team) finished his doctoral studies (Dec. 2017)


Shideh Dashti Honored with Casagrande Award (ASCE)

ASCE has honored Shideh Dashti, Ph.D., A.M.ASCE, with the 2018 Arthur Casagrande Professional Development Award for her outstanding contributions to infrastructure risk assessment and mitigation, including seismic soil-structure interaction in urban areas, influence of liquefaction on structures, liquefaction mitigation strategies for structures and slopes, and interdependencies among the social, information, and physical infrastructures during floods.

UCLA and Colorado School of Mines —  Seminar by our team on a new probabilistic model for predicting building settlement and tilt (work by Dr. Zana Karimi and Mr. Zachary Bullock).

ASCE-GI seminar by our team on a new probabilistic model for predicting building settlement (work by Dr. Zana Karimi and Mr. Zachary Bullock):

August 17th, 6pm, Warnock Engineering Building, Room L103, University of Utah.


GEER Responds to the Kumamoto, Japan Earthquakes to Document their Impacts


GAANN Fellowship Program Toward Engineering Resilience (2015-2020)

The department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) at University of Colorado Boulder currently is now hosting a GAANN (Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need) fellowship program geared toward engineering resilience. For more information on the program, faculty involved, and the application process:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.37.19 PM

NSF Early CAREER Award: Toward a New Paradigm in Evaluating and Mitigating Urban Liquefaction (2015-2020)

Principal Investigator: Shideh Dashti

NSF Initiative: RIPS Type 1 —  The Interdependence of Built, Social, and Information Infrastructures for Community Resilience: A Participatory Process (2014-2015)

Principal Investigators: Abbie Liel, Leysia Palen, Bruce Goldstein, Shideh Dashti, and Amy Javernick-Will

NSF Initiative to Investigate the Performance of Buildings on Liquefiable Soils and the Effect of Remediation Strategies (2014-2017)

Principal Investigators: Shideh Dashti and Abbie Liel

IMPART Fellowship Award: Locating Underrepresented Perspectives in Environmental Design Curriculum and Pedagogy (2014)

NSF (NEES) Initiative to Investigate the Seismic Response of Shallow Underground Structures in Dense Urban Environments (2011-2015)

Principal Investigators: Shideh Dashti and Youssef Hashash

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Initiative to Investigate the Seismic Response of Buried Water Reservoir Structures via Centrifuge Modeling (2011-2014)

Principal Investigators: John McCartney and Shideh Dashti

Our study on the use of tweets for disaster reconnaissance on the news:

iShake on the News:


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