I could confidently state that a handful of specific teachers shaped the course of my professional and academic life.  As a result, an important part of my career has become teaching others.  In my opinion, the best part of an academic life is the rewards of coaching students as well as the benefits of continually learning from both the students and the wisdom of fellow faculty.

Courses I have taught at CU Boulder:

  • CVEN 5818: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (offered in the Spring semester)
  • CVEN 3708: Geotechnical Engineering I (offered both Fall and Spring)
  • CVEN 3718: Geotechnical Engineering II (offered both Fall and Spring)
  • CVEN 4728/5728: Foundation Engineering (offered in the Fall)
  • CVEN 4899: Civil Engineering Senior Design (offered in the Spring)

I am also mentoring a number of graduate and undergraduate students in research. For more information, please visit the “research team” tab on this website. If you are an undergraduate student at CU Boulder interested in gaining research experience, please contact me.

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