Spreadsheet for our recent probabilistic, semi-empirical procedures for liquefaction-induced building settlement and tilt:

This spreadsheet also includes our GMPEs for the evolutionary IMs of interest. Please contact us with any questions or comments regarding use of these procedures.


  • Bullock, Z., Dashti, S., Liel, A., Porter, K., Karimi, Z., & Bradley, B. (2017). Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Arias Intensity, Cumulative Absolute Velocity, and Peak Incremental Ground Velocity for Rock Sites in Different Tectonic Environments. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.
  • Bullock, Z., Karimi, Z., Dashti, S., Porter, K., Liel, A., & Franke, K. (2018). A Physics-Informed Semi-Empirical Probabilistic Model for the Settlement of Shallow-Founded Structures on Liquefiable Ground. Geotechnique.
  • Bullock, Z., Dashti, S., Karimi, Z., Liel, A., Porter, K., & Franke, K. (2019). Probabilistic Models for Residual and Peak Transient Tilt of Mat-Founded Structures on Liquefiable Soils. ASCE JGGE.

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Geotechnical/Earthquake Engineering Organizations:

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Société Canadienne de Géotechnique (Canadian Geotechnical Society)

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EERI (Earthquake Engineering Research Institute)

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OpenSees (Open Source Finite Element Platform for Earthquake Engineering Simulation)

Cyclic1D (Simulation of Earthquake Site Response and Liquefaction)

Seismosignal (Ground Motion Data Processing)

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